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Kamal Hammoutene

I am currently in Groningen region but I would like to come back to Noord- Zuid Holland or Utrecht for personal reasons. I am looking to train in a 30mns drive from Amsterdam.
I would love to help a club which meet this geographical constraint but I would need help to find an affordable house rent in the area.

You can read a presentation of myself below:
My LinkedIn profile is: )
I would love to help training/coaching a Dames team or a competitive Meisjes team.
What I am not good at?
– Letting a team not behaving like a team
– Letting individual egos overcome the collective spirit
– Accepting the sense of fear of failure
– Being patient (so I need a strong TC to help me)
– Accepting unfair treatment and injustice
– Speaking Nederlands 🙂
What I think I am good at?
– Putting the team well above individuals however good or senior they are, including the trainer;
– Giving their chances to everybody regardless her age and learning them to accept to fail and fail again
– Giving to the setter the keys of the home;
– Enabling creative volleyball
– Working on the mental side of the game
– Looking on improving the individual technique so the team can make a huge step forward
If you think that there could be a match between us and if:
– you are looking for a trainer/coach for a Dames team at 3rd divisie or PromotieKlass level but also for a talented young 1st Klass. Meisjes A or B team
– and more importantly, you are not afraid about managing a passionate trainer and coach.

I have previous experience with Dutch Dames (3rd divisie) and Meisjes teams (Renswouw, Vives US Amsterdam, S.V. Irene and Smashing 72).
I like working with a vision to take the best of a team and the players and I am very demanding if I believe that a player can do much better. I like playing creative volleyball so the setter position is the most important in my eyes. I like working on the mental aspects of the volleyball game. I like also involving youth with a great potential in a senior team. I am also using Yoga techniques during my training for strength building, dynamic stretching and mental focus.

Telefoon 0683559312
Woonplaats Utrecht
Categorie Dames
Licentie VT3
Beschikbaar per Per direct
Niveau 3e divisie, Hoofdklasse, Promotieklasse, 1e klasse, 2e klasse, 3e klasse, 4e klasse, Jeugd